Make waxing with painless


There is a private waxing room. Use USA quality products and do not reuse wax. There are female and male staff waiting to serve you..

The shop has female and male stuff....


Facial list


Full arms 500
Half. 300
Full legs 500
Half 300
Under arms 300
Eye brows 300
Bikini 800
Brazilian 1,000
Holly wood 1,000
Lip 300


The Benefits of Waxing 
  1. Does not irritated the skin like shaving with a razor blade and not becoming a blister or as a chicken skin, like withdrawing
  2. Smooth skin and clear as up as well, because it is the exfoliation of the upper skin cells helps to make dirt come out too
  3. Helps make hair glow slower than each other or pluck Because waxing will cause the hair to come out through the roots the hair will grow back within 2-4 weeks, depending on the condition of each person’s hair
  4. Hair removal on all parts of the body whether it’s a small area like eyebrows, mustache, bikini, or a big area like arm, legs, back


Thank you for use service here